A simple way to enter a “lump sum” budget amount for operating statement g/l accounts. The respective budget entries are tracked through out the year, and reported on the Operating Statement report. Highlight the Fiscal Year (upper left of screen) by holding down the left mouse button and dragging it across the fiscal period (i.e. 2000001). Change it to the current fiscal year (i.e. January 2004 would be entered as 2004001…..the year 2004, followed by the month 001). Click on the GL to Budget button (upper right) if this is the first time entering budgets or new fiscal year). Select individual g/l account numbers (click on each one) or select all g/l account numbers (by holding down the left mouse button and dragging it down highlighting all the g/l numbers listed). Click the arrow in the center pointing to the right. All the selected g/l numbers will move to the right container. File close to return to the budget entry screen. Now, simply enter the
early budget for respective g/l account numbers (under Enter Yearly Budget). The entries may be corrected, changed and/or updated as required by returning to this screen and changing the amount(s).

Category: General Ledger

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