Accounts Receivable

Maintains complete customer info including Y-T-D totals, payment history, current balance and last payment. Supports multiple cash accounts and deposit options automatically or manually applied. New customers can be added during invoice and transaction entry to eliminate unneeded steps. Payments are automatically (or manually) assigned to outstanding invoices, with the system making the appropriate journal entries. As with all Enhanced Fund Accounting modules, accounts receivable uses the “drill-down” approach to access associated information such as customer payment history, for example. Automatic postings to specific sales accounts and accounts receivable accounts based on the invoice date. Upon payment, the respective bank account (cash account) with an off setting entry to accounts receivable based on the deposit date.


New Add On – WATER / SEWER BILLING – is now part of our Accounts Receivable function and fully integrated to the General Ledger module. Click Here for an overview.

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