Select Add/Edit Supplier Invoice Templates found under the Data Entry tab in Accounts Payable. The system will assume that it’s the first template being created, and will default to new. Future templates will require a click on the “new” button (or File then New). Enter a template name, and then select a supplier. Use “100” as a basis to distribute monies against pre-defined g/l accounts, i.e.

30 16204.1
60 16204.2
10 16203.3

The purpose of the distribution is to create the calculation used by the system to distribute the total amount of the respective invoice. Once the template is created, go to Add/Edit Supplier Invoices and click on Load a Template (located on the toolbar – picture of a yellow cross with a window to the right of it). Select the template name and enter the amount of the respective invoice.
Enhanced will use the “distribution” created in the template to distribute the total of the invoice to the various g/l account numbers. The template can be used as often as desired.

Note: a/p templates don’t appear on the Operating Statement until they are posted.

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