When an employee is not showing up on a particular payroll run, it usually has to do with the “last pay date” found in Add/Edit Employee Earnings and Deductions (Data Entry Tab). For example, when Adding a Standard Transaction to a Payroll run for a weekly payroll, and the Ending Date you entered in 9/16/02 – the corresponding date in the employee’s Add/Edit Employee Earnings and Deductions record should be 9/902 (7 days prior). The system will prevent an employee from being paid more frequently that 7 days for a weekly payroll, 14 days for a bi-weekly etc.
Easiest solution: remove the date from both the earnings and deductions records found in Add/Edit Employee Earnings and Deductions. The system will rely on the Frequency (i.e. weekly) to process the respective employee, and will automatically assign an ending date for both earnings and deduction records in Add/Edit Employee Earnings and Deductions. An even easier way to “reset” the payroll dates would be to “Undo Payroll” (Actions tab). This feature simply eliminates the current payroll and resets employee earning/deduction dates.

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