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Enhanced Business Systems is open to working with companies on partnering to push our product nationally, or potential business deals to expand our market and revenue opportunities

The Future is Now

Our Avaialable Options

Explore the below options and if any of them interest you please reach out to schedule a time to talk with our team.


If your software offerings can enhance our existing software, or assist in expanding our technological reach, we would be interested in exploring.


If you feel that your business and Enhanced Business Systems can join forces to expand our market distribution and product offerings


If you're an investor or investment firm that is interested in joining our journey to a national market offering, we would be happy to talk


If you are truly passionate about the Enhanced Business Systems product and the potential of our growth in this market, reach out about the potential for acquisiton

Embracing the Future

For over 30 years Enhanced Business Systems has been a leading software provider in New York State, but we realize there is far more potential success

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more? We have some answers

We are a family owned and operated business, and are exploring all options regarding the future of our software and business. We would be remiss if we did not explore conversations for aqcusitions, especially if it provides a better overall product for our current and future clients

This would depend on the situation and the company that is interested.

However, if we feel that partnering with another company can help bring our product to a larger market and to a new technological level (cloud, SaaS), we would be open to discussion

The right investor(s) would have an interest in our product and market, and would, preferably have experience operating in the accounting/SaaS spaces

Investment would be utilized in growing our support staff, team, and bringing our product to new heights that allow us to enter the national market, cloud technology, and a true SaaS element

A trusted brand for over 30 years that has been relied upon by hundreds of New York State entities from towns, municipalities, and state agencies and more.

Our small team has been able to legitimately compete with larger competitors, providing a true alternative to the “big” brands within our space

With additional “fuel” the potential is vast

We have invested in internet marketing, search engine optimization, and website tech as we believe it is crucially important in this evolving tech space.

Furthermore, SEO and Marketing has been critical in helping us stay competitive, and often times win business, from companies with a much larger team, and larger budgets.

This will continue to be our competitive edge in a national market, especially given the immense value of visibility and branding in Google, Bing, and More.

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